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A Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Families often ask me for ideas of how they can serve others during the holidays. Most of the time it comes from a place of truly wanting to serve and share the Way of Jesus with others. Sometimes, however, I can hear in their voice and comments something different. I hear guilt. "Why are we so blessed...?" I've even seen families get into arguments over how many gifts were given or how much food was prepared.

God NEVER blesses us to induce guilt.

God always gives, whether little or much, because He loves. We want others to know they are loved too. That's why we share. We must share what is on our plates and hearts from that point of view.

As you feast this week or any day of the year, please remember that: Family, Celebrating, and Feasting are all part of God's Mission. Therefore, they are missional (joining God) and lead us to be filled to serving others.

May your cup, plate, and hearts overflow this week. When they do, here are some suggestions on how you might use the overflow.

Missional Thanksgiving Ideas

  1. Make plates of food and share with shut-ins or those in assisted living. (Many never have a single visitor all year long.)

  2. Flag football or whiffle ball tournament with your neighbors and their families. Share hot chocolate and prayers.

  3. Join area churches or local organizations in making back packs of blessing for the homeless. (Non-perishables, socks, personal grooming, etc. List of Supplies (HERE))

  4. If you are going to Black Friday shop...pick an angel tree name or other child in need and shop for them as well.

  5. Make a family Christmas card video. Upload to YouTube or Facebook a video of you sharing a message of hope for the community and inviting others to a Christmas Eve Service or regular event.

  6. Ask the kids of your family. They always have great ideas of how to help others.

  7. Prayer Walk: Spend time walking around your neighborhood, the mall, a park, or downtown praying for those you see. Walk off that extra turkey and stuffing, too.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Patrick Luse, Family Minister

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