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Fall Fest for Families with Special Needs

Sunday, October 23 / 5 - 7 PM

National Park Church is putting on a Fall Fest for families and children with a variety of special needs.


Note: This event is for families with special needs only and the families of National Park Church.


Fall Fest is a non-scary, allergy-aware, handicapped accessible, event for children and adults with special needs to enjoy trick-or-treating.


Information for Participating Families

This event allows all children and adults with special needs to enjoy trick-or-treating.

  • Your child or adult will walk around collecting treats from each car or station; indoor and outdoor.

  • Every station will offer some type of allergy-sensitive treat or a non-food item. Tables will be decorated and volunteers will be dressed in non-scary costumes. There will be limited sounds and decor to avoid too much stimulation.

  • Your child or adult is welcome to come dressed in their costume or without one! We will have a calm area, so if you're not quite ready to leave, but your child or adult needs a moment to calm themselves, you're welcome to use the calming room.

Take Note:

  • Teal Pumpkin (will be available with allergy-friendly or non-food treats)

  • Costumes welcome, but not required

  • No upper age limit

  • Non-scary

  • A calm, friendly environment

  • Non-special needs siblings and friends are invited too!

  • Limited entrance/exit points, volunteers to help guide any "runners" : )

  • Safe boundary outside activities

  • A quiet/safe space or “calm down room”

  • Safety/medical personnel on site

For Local Organizations

Feel free to print these flyers and distribute to those whom you think would want to attend. They may scan the QR code to register!

Information for NPC members

Each member of National Park Church can serve in some way for Fall Fest! From trunks and stations for games and activities to providing either candy or fun little trinkets...we need you! Click on the button for the participant guide! If you have any questions, email Patrick.

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